As a business both created and run by medical professionals, we understand the difficulties faced by those working in the profession. High overhead costs, a shortage of suitable medical spaces, and long-term leases are just some of the obstacles facing those in the medical field. That’s why we created Practice Wheels — a convenient online platform that can help you find the perfect space for your medical practice, or help you generate passive income from your office space.

Renting your extra operatories/exam rooms or sharing your medical space with another licensed medical professional is a convenient way to:

  • Generate passive income.
  • Reduce overhead costs.
  • Fill your medical practice during days you’re engaged at the hospital or in academia.
  • Share and combine your medical resources with other professionals.
  • Network with other medical professionals.
  • Downsize your medical practice.
  • Initiate your retirement by phasing out of your medical practice gradually.
  • Practice in different NYC boroughs.
  • Reduce costs.

Using Practice Wheels to help you find a medical space to rent is a convenient way to:

  • Find short-term accommodations.
  • Allow you practice in different boroughs.
  • Reduce costs (particularly for those who are visiting or new to NYC, or those who are just beginning to build their practice).
  • Gain exposure to the day-to-day challenges of running a practice without the financial burden of a long-term lease commitment.
  •  Perform an apprenticeship.